'Revive Your Ramadan' (Ep. 22) with Saima from Halal Fresh

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Join us for Episode 22 of ‘Revive Your Ramadan’ with Saima from Halal Fresh today at 6:30pm, insha'Allah.

Saima loves eating good food, and experimenting with different types of cuisines at home, going on a culinary journey of taste, feel and aroma. Which she wanted to extend to other people, by creating Halal Fresh so people could enjoy a good meal of an evening with friends and family, as well as making dinner times excitable, by creating recipes that will inspire the cooking experience and make dinner times enjoyable for everyone.

‘Revive Your Ramadan’ is brought to you by WATAN UK.

Watch live at 6:30pm BST today on my Facebook page. Catch-up will be available after the live stream.

Our Syrian brothers and sisters need our help. Provide an IDP village with clinic and sanitation: www.watan.org.uk/laurenbooth (link in bio!)

Hosted by Lauren Booth.
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